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Comunicacion en "vuelo visual"
Preflight weather briefing

Antes de cualquier vuelo consultaremos el tiempo que tenemos y tendremos durante nuestro vuelo llamando al FSS (Flight service station -- from FSS/AFSS: 1-800-WXBRIEF
1. IDENTIFY yourself as a pilot or student pilot.
2. Supply background information:
- Type of flight planned: VFR or IFR
- Aircraft number or your name
- Aircraft type
- Departure port
- Route of Flight
- Destination
- Flight altitude(s)
- Estimate time of depart (ETD)
- Estimate time enroute (ETE)
Good morning
I'm calling you from TMB airport, I'm a student
I would like to have a standard weather briefing
My tail number is N65611
I'm going to take off at 12:30 from TMB to practise area and came back in 1 hour.
We are going to fly to 3000 fts
OK!, Is there any TFR?
Thank you, have a nice day!

Good morning, I'm a student
I would like to have an outlook weather briefing of TMB for tomorrow at 13:00Z (until 15:00Z)
My tail number is N65611
I'm going to fly in the vicinity/pattern (fot touch & goes)
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